Hello, I need to release the 7171, 7172 (allow) ports, for access, how do I configure the firewall? help please

On your server or on Cloudflare? On Cloudflare you cant do that. On your server, it will require the necessary changes in its configuration. Refer to a search engine or StackExchange for details.

if I leave the cloudflare active, it says that my server is offline … I disable the cloudflare, it works again, the server has to be open in 7171 … to accept connection in the game

without cloudflare it works normally

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Proxying of arbitrary ports through :logo: is available using Spectrum, which is currently only available as an Enterprise feature. The port you mentioned is not an allowed port through Cloudflare for standard proxy.

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You need to change the port to those supported by Cloudflare or it wont work. Also, “game”? Are we talking about HTTP? If not, that wont work either. Whats the URL?

Changing the port of the game for one supported by the Cloudflare standard proxy might work… but if the protocol/traffic isn’t http/s or websockets probably not. Obviously unchanged it definitely won’t work when :orange:. :crazy_face: