Opennic domain names

I would kindly ask that the resolver would also work for opennic. Could this be done?

I want to resolve for example, the domain example.o, samip.o, and etch with that.

Opennic sounds bad in terms of changing operations of an existing resolver - suddenly everyone can resolve more TLDs. Suddenly searches for files (such as object.o and openssl.lib, very widely-used file formats) go to domain names you may not have wanted to visit.

Opennic can be used if it’s in use from the beginning and it’s clearly communicated to users who sign up for the service. is already in use by so many devices and services that such a sudden shift would cause a lot of issues. Even with 6 months warning, so many people set DNS to Cloudflare and forget it so they likely wouldn’t get the memo.

Also, the choice to support DNS roots like .oz, .ku, .te, .ti, and .uu is not standards-compliant. Say suddenly a new nation comes into the world and ISO assigns them one of these abbreviations, or one of these “emerging countries” they have TLDs for gets assigned a different cctld, what does opennic do? They made the choice to pre-register a bunch of domains under these reserved 2-letter country codes, so now they either have to

A. stop being able to say “we directly support all ICANN-assigned tlds” and keep resolving the existing domains


B. say to the existing domain owners of [their artificial] tld “sorry to be you” as their domain names they thought they owned now become registered to other entities

Just a few more concerns I have with Opennic:

  • Blockchain? Why? Why is anything in terms of DNS related to the blockchain??? (bottom of the homepage)
  • The “free” TLD also has many applicants at ICANN, this is the same problem as above with pre-existing opennic domain names