OpenLiteSpeed Multiple Domains Different Origins Single IP


I created a Full Strict SSL using origin certificate on OpenLiteSpeed for a domain. (Lets say Domain A)

Now, I am trying to setup another domain (Lets say Domain B) on same server.

Server has only 1 IP address.

Domain A is working perfect. But Domain B is showing Let’s Encrypt certificate, not Cloudflare certificate :slight_smile:

Every configuration for both virtual hosts are same in OpenLiteSpeed.

Has anyone experience similar problem?

P.S. doesn’t show any problem related to SSL, everything looks OK for Domain B. But it has Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

Cloudflare sometimes uses Let’s Encrypt. Is something not working?


Oh. This is the first time that I heard about it. I was expecting to see SSL certificate issued from Cloudflare, but its issued from Let’s Encrypt.

Site looks normal, SSL looks normal. But you tell me is it an expected behavior? When does Cloudflare uses Let’s Encrypt?

Even if Let’s Encrypt SSL is used, will I use every service from Cloudflare without any problem?

It’s currently random, not sure about specifics, unfortunately. You can manually select one or the other using the Advanced Certificate Manager, but it costs 10$/month (but allows 100 certificates).

Absolutely, the features are the same.


As an intermediate CA, yes. But the root CA is usually DigiCert.

So DigiCert - Cloudflare - your domain.