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At the moment as a newbie I want to use Cloudflare DNS via my router. I (think) I know how to set up the router but I am not sure if I need to open a (free) account with Cloudflare? I want to use the community for assistance and all the web info seems to indicate I have to have an account.

I have tried to sign up but get stuck on the “Add a website”. At the moment I don’t want to add our website and skipped that stage. My account seems to be there, but when I try to verify my email I don’t get any response.

Do I have to a) have a Cloudflare account? and b) Must I add a website to use one?

Any assistance would be a help as the info on Cloudflare’s site isn’t that intuitive or user friendly.

Hi @Windward and welcome!

Generally, Cloudflare accounts are for those who want to add and manage a website with Cloudflare. You do, however, need an account to post here - so I guess you have one! You don’t need to add a website to the account, they may ask you, but you can just use the account to post here about if you want :slight_smile:

Many Thanks domjh

I finally got an email verifiction email this morning, but the link had expired. Will get another one, no harm in setting up the account if I decide to use it later. Will try setting up the router to use the DNS, so might need the forum if I get stuck.:blush:

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