Openfire - IM & Cloudflare


Hello community - I moved over to Cloudflare, using the free tier, and since the move I am having difficulty with my XMPP IM client connecting to my server. I am using OpenFire server, and Monal iPhone client to connect. If I go direct IP it works, if I go via A record hosted on Cloudflare no love.

Any guidance is much appreciated.


Openfire / XMPP ports are not supported. You need to add s subdomain or deactivate CloudFlare for it if it already exists.


You most likely proxy your requests through Cloudflare by having set your record to :orange: and your client uses something different than HTTP.

If you set the record in question to :grey: it should work again, though keep in mind this also reveals the origin IP address, if that is of concern.


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