Open the CDN, the website can't open

Hi , The website can’t open 3 times if using CDN in this month and it can open when we close the CDN.

I don’t known what happened, Can you help me ,thanks

the website is, ( I close the CDN now)

1 ![2|690x354]

It can’t open from where? China? What error does it tell you?

It can’t open from US and China, it seems all visitors can’t open from all over the word, the error is " time out". It would be connected several hours later.

I’m in the US and they both work for me. Sitemeer is also successful from many countries:

And here’s another group of successful tests:

The next time it happens, please post a screenshot of the error.

Thank you so much.
Yes, it can be connected now.
it would be happened in each several days and it seems no rules.

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