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So this is sort of a support question, and sort of a general question.

I own the project “Place Atlas” -
A request was made for the open source offering for open source projects

However, after trying twice. We never recieved any response from Cloudflare. Any idea why this could happen?

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Are you emailing [email protected]? I do not see any emails from the account you are using here to that address. What is the name of the open source project?

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It should be either {redacted}

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Also, we used this page:

So there wasn’t even an email sent out in the first place.

Thank you. I do see the application (the form you shared with us emails to the distribution list). I do see the application, apologize for the delayed reply and have forwarded that along to the team to bring it to their attention.


Hi Stefano,

We’ve reviewed your application, but it seems like your website is not registered in Cloudflare yet, so please add your website to Cloudflare so that we can proceed with the upgrade to the pro plan included in the sponsorship

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We use place-atlas through Netlify DNS, it doesn’t have the best support with cloudflare. We are looking for to be put behind cloudflare.

Also, it is registered under the cloudflare registar. Has been for 3 years.

Thanks, I’ve just upgraded your zone to PRO, next time you enter the dashboard, if you go to the overview page of your zone → Active subscriptions, you’ll see you now have the pro plan.

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