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My name is Bram Matthys from the Open Source project UnrealIRCd.
I read that Cloudflare was extending sponsorship to Open Source projects, providing benefits such as a free upgrade to the Cloudflare Pro Plan.

It would be great if Cloudflare could sponsor us, we have been an open source project since 1999 and have an active community. Cloudflare’s support would help us to protect our website/systems better, which is kinda a necessity nowadays.

On July 9 and at another occasion I applied through the online form but I don’t think that one is working, since I never received any response (and I read the same on this community forums). More recently, I applied at Oct 30 by sending an e-mail to [email protected] from my unrealircd org address. That time, I did receive an auto-reply. Maybe I’m a bit impatient, and should just wait a few more weeks. It’s just that I previously waited since July 9 until October 30 for nothing, that I would like to make sure that things are really received well this time. Hope you can understand!

Best regards,

Bram Matthys, UnrealIRCd.

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