Open Ports issue

I am trying to understand this. Our cyber security company is telling me:
We have identified 11 open ports. Can you please provide additional information as to
o (1) why the port is open
o (2) if the port is secure and
o (3) if the port can be closed off from the internet facing systems.

I was then told:
It is the webdomain IP:

That seems to be an IP for Cloudfare, this will be tied to the websites.

What does this mean and is this something I can “fix” to appease the cyber security company? or does it just get ignored?

  1. All the ports are listed here, as well as their use case. Network ports · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs. Just because they are open doesn’t mean they will work for your site
  2. The port is only as secure as your application is behind it. But you have the benefits of Cloudflare as well
  3. No

This is not something that gets fixed. I would ignore all their warning about ports with Cloudflare. Depending on how your website is hosted, it might be worth giving them the direct IP of your server (if you have one) so they can bypass Cloudflare with their scans.


I believe I understand what you are saying but can you give me a 1-2 sentence response I can give to the cyber security people that will appease them?

Cloudflare is a global CDN and web security company that provides services around the global and serves millions of HTTP requests per second. When you scan a Cloudflare IP, as in the case of the site, you are seeing the ports that Cloudflare has open to allow traffic in via the ports they list. A scan of a Cloudflare IP does not accurately respresent the ports/security of the web server serving the content.

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