Open ports found

Hi there,
We have received an email from a security plugin on our website telling that:

“Following open ports were discovered on your website: 8080, 8443.”

Is it a security problem for us?

Thanks so much!

I’m assuming they checked CFs IP which yes, does have those open (used for alt ports: Identifying network ports compatible with Cloudflare's proxy – Cloudflare Help Center)

So yeah, if it checked CF then yes, it can be ignored.

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You can enable WAF rule 100015 in the Cloudflare firewall, or use not (cf.edge.server_port in {80 443}) if you have moved to the new WAF, either of which will ensure that only ports 80 and 443 are available. The other standard ports will respond with a 403.


Hi Walshy, first, thanks so much …
I don’t understand very good :sweat_smile: Where can we find CF to verify is checked?

Hi Michael, thanks so much …
But, the plugin is telling us the ports 80 and 443 are opened already, so my question would be if everything is OK or I need do anything with that. I guessed that is a security alert message.

Any tool will tell you that the standard ports are open. If you don’t use those ports, you can use a firewall rule like not (cf.edge.server_port in {80 443}) or WAF rule 100015 to block all requests to those ports at the edge. This will not close the ports, but you can tell your auditor or reporting tool that you have a mitigation in place for those open ports.

If you don’t block the ports, and accidentally leave something open on the origin (like an internal management tool on port 8443), then you might have an issue.


This rule won’t exist on the new firewall.

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