Open custom ports in cloudflare with spectrum

Hello, we have a PRO account, please help!

How to open 8500 and 8000 ports to be proxied via Cloudflare?
We cannot change them so please let us know is it possible and how.

We have read this article about spectrum ( here ), i know that it is supported in PRO account but still have no idea how to build and application for our purpose.

Thanks a lot!

Your best bet will be Cloudflare Apps. That will still require a change of ports, but only on the client side.

This app is not fit for my purposes. I need to make reverse logic. Client shud be able to connect on ! It is not possible with protzilla. I cannot understand how to make it via spectrum. There are 2 ports available - 22 and minecraft port… So i cannot choose 8050 ?

If you need the port for the client too, you can only follow the suggestions you were already given. Either unproxy the record or contact sales about an Enterprise plan. Spectrum on lower plans wont cover that.