Open Athens blocking Cloudflare-delivered videos

Ever since my company signed up with Cloudflare, many of our customers (educators and librarians) who use Open Athens as a single-sign in portal for their students are reporting problems accessing our videos. Some details:

  1. All of our videos are programmed in Cloudflare to play only from our domain since they are subscription-based.
  2. Customers receive a notice that “this video is not configured to play from this web page” or similar.
  3. None of our non-OpenAthens customers have any issues

Our streaming platform uses IP Authentication for customers who prefer it. Does CloudFlare have an IP address I can whitelist for our customers who use OpenAthens? Are there any issues CloudFlare is aware of with OpenAthens I need to know about? Thank you.

Can you confirm you are using the Cloudflare Stream product? If so, can you shoot me a note at zaid at

I completed your request on 7/1 and haven’t heard back from you yet.

Sorry for the delay. Just replied to your email.

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