Oops, Please enter a valid domain

I can’t add site, it return “Please enter a valid domain”.

What domain are you trying? Can you post a screenshot of your browser when you get the error?


Hi, can you confirm if you typed the domain into the field or if you used copy+paste? I tried to reproduce the error here but I couldn’t. However, I noticed that sometimes copy+paste adds some character at the end which could be the reason for this issue.

Hi,The domain was typed and not copy+paste.

Is the domain recently registered?
You would need to wait at least an hour due to caches around the world even if recently updated your nameservers at your domain registar.

May I ask if your domain was pointed to Cloudflare before? (maybe some other account)

If that’s the cae, then you should contact Cloudflare’s support (https://dash.cloudflare.com/redirect?account=support).

There could be the reason because your zone may be at Cloudflare before and maybe your domain registrar is looking for the value to be different than the current one before it could approve the change?

Thanks for reply! I will try to change DNS again.

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