Ooga ooga too much to learn

When I go to tinfoil it tells me that my:

Domain at risk of being hijacked

Domain registrar deletion protection not enabled
Domain registrar update protection not enabled
Domain registry deletion protection not enabled
Domain registry transfer protection not enabled
Domain registry update protection not enabled
Domain is not protected against unsolicited update at the registry itself. This does not necessarily indicate a problem, and in fact, if set to ‘true’ may indicate an issue with your domain that you should resolve with your registrar. Some registry operators do however offer a Registry Lock Service as an additional layer of protection.
serverUpdateProhibited: set
serverUpdateProhibited: not enabled

Should I be worried? I don’t mind all the new errors I get after a recent change from google as my registrar over to Cloudflare, I just wish it could all be understood without changing my life’s job-description. ":wink:

You’ve got clientTransferProhibited enabled, so nobody will be able to steal the domain away from you. The other stuff doesn’t matter that much as long as your Cloudflare account is securely locked down. You’re using Two-Factor Authentication enabled for your Cloudflare account, right?

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Two - Factor huh (wheels are spinning now), I remember that popup or something telling me about that…I’ll take your response as my cue!

Thanks again sdayman (*now what do you know about repairing washing machines?) LOL j/k

It’s usually cheaper to buy the parts from Amazon or eBay than to have someone come out and fix it.


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