Hi all, I have a problem which I was wondering if anyone could help me out with. My domain registrar is and unfortunately every time I change the the Name servers Its picked up by Cloudflare but the domain stops working. is there is suggestions?

What exactly do you mean by ‘the domain stops working’ - if your website stops loading, have you made sure you’ve got the correct DNS records in Cloudflare?

The moment I change the name servers with Cloudflare’s, the site doesn’t come up anymore. I found this forum and someone else had the exact problem.

The website relies on your DNS records to be present within Cloudflare - check what records you already have for @ and www and replicate those in Cloudflare’s dashboard for that zone.

Check post 18

I’m not too sure how that’s relevant to your scenario though - if you’re using a hosting provider that require you to use their nameservers then you won’t be able to leverage using Cloudflare.

Without knowing more about your site and hosting provider, it’s impossible to suggest if the issues in that thread are anything like what’s affecting your website.

To be honest I have connected 20 plus sites to Cloudflare from GoDaddy and Fasthosts. But I just cannot figure out only

You’d just add it to Cloudflare as you would any other website and then put in the pair of Cloudflare nameservers that you’re given into their ‘DNS settings’ -

If they’re hosting your website as well, you’ll want to reach out them to get an IP address (for A or AAAA records) or domain name (for a CNAME record) to point to before doing this.

They are not hosting my website. I’m using AWS and I have a Plesk control panel. I know how to change the name servers there but the moment I change the name servers with the ones Cloudflare provides me to change to and press delegate. the domain simply stops working. I have done it like 5 times. and it’s always the same problem.

What is the ‘same problem’ though - are you getting a timeout, a Cloudflare-branded error page back, DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN, etc?

Have you replicated all the records you have from your current DNS provider into for that zone?

These are the steps that I followed.

The website is live and working perfectly fine. It’s just not secured and that’s why I added it to Cloudflare.
Cloudflare found all the records and asked me to change the Name Servers. Which I did and delegated.
There is an option there ( Delegate to Your Name Servers) The moment I clicked delegate your name servers, the site went offline and the browser couldn’t bring the site up.
To fix the issue I have to click on (Use OnlyDomains Name Servers) and the domain comes back up after sometimes.

I can only ask the same questions again - is the domain not returning an address in DNS or are you getting a Cloudflare error page?

Your domain needs a HTTPS certificate regardless of Cloudflare otherwise Cloudflare and your website will be talking unencrypted over the internet - you can generate an origin certificate that’s valid for 15 years for use with Cloudflare via

This is the Error Im getting.


If you do dig A @, what is returned?

Im not sure what you mean.

In a terminal, specifically MacOS or Linux.

If you’re on Windows, open Command Prompt or PowerShell and do nslookup - of course substituting for your website.

should it be like this: nslookup the press enter?

Assuming has been swapped out for your websites name, yes.

of course

You’re after the answer for your domain (non-authoritative answer), not the DNS server you’re using.


Non-authoritative answer:
Addresses:  2a00:1450:4009:821::200e