Only want to cache 1 thing, custom extensions, help needed


Not a Cloudflare user yet, but might have a good user case for it.

Currently client connections call a url, and then the url is re-written to where the static data actually is, and then they download it.

I am interested in using Cloudflare CDN to cache content from the url that holds the static data, nothing else. Is this possible? both the first url and the re written url are in the same domain, but their subdomain is different. I do not want to cache anything else.

Also, the extensions of the files in question are custom.


Yes, you can enable Cloudflare just on the specific subdomain and bypass it on everything else.

You can use regex via ‘Page Rules’ if you want to enable or disable specific features at an even more granular level such as specific paths only etc.

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Thanks Saul,
How do you do the former? With regex via Page Rules as well?


Well you enable or disable Cloudflare functionality by a toggle on each record (A/CNAME) so you could disable requests even being proxied by Cloudflare for all (sub)domains except for the one in question. Alternatively you could enable Cloudflare proxying on multiple records but turn caching off as default, then only enable for a specific subdomain or path based on a Page Rule.

Once you have your account set up, it’ll be easier to see the best approach in your case.

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Ah I see I see.

Lastly please, does one need to use Cloudflare DNS to take advantage of Cloudflare CDN?


Edit: I believe the answer lies here:

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