Only primary language being cached on multilingual site

I am an English site that is using /de/ for all German translations. The original pages are being cached with great speed. However, my /de/ pages are not being cached. They are at best very slow or not loading at all. They are in my sitemap and indexed by google. I am using WPML for Wordpress Translations. How do I get these pages cached along with their english versions?

Stating the domain would be a good start :wink:


Shouldnt that be an :austria: flag instead in the language selection :wink:

Your pages do not contain cacheable file extensions though nor is there a caching header, hence your English pages should not be cached either.

Your site is relatively slow, but that appears to be less of a caching issue but rather an overall Wordpress issue.

With 80 million in Germany versus 8 million here, I will focus on keeping them happy with their flag, haha.

What recommendations do you have to get caching working properly. The english pages are very fast for me.

I have worked hard on the site speed and have great GTMetrix scores, but there still appears to be suboptimal server speeds. Any input there would also be appreciated.

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