Only origin certificate no private key

While creating origin certificate as mentioned here:

i could not find the key as shown in the article . there is only origin certificate file to copy.

i read the solution here:

but can not figure out the solution.
Help needed please.

When you generate an origin certificate under Crypto section tab, the private key is generated when you click next when you opt to let Cloudflare to generate a private key and CSR file

when i click next it only shows me the ca origin cert not the pem keys.

Did you check Let Cloudflare generate a private and a CSR box or choose I have my own private key and CSR ? If you used the former and don’t see private key generated, I’d contact CF tech support and report the issue.

yes it was “let Cloudflare”

ok done
now its showing both but in the morning it was showing only one.

probably a bug somewhere that was corrected ?

can you tell me @eva2000 how to rename these two files ?
i have saved them as origin.cert and origin.key is it right?

you can rename them to whatever you like just make sure your reference the new names for those files in your web server’s configuration

ok thanks

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