Only one recordset managed by cloudflare



I have added a site, but cloudflare require to migrate dns provider to cloudflare. Do you have other arrangements? We only want 1 record set to be managed by cloudflare.


Only business plans would offer the possibility to configure a setup without changing the nameservers.


sure, what is the cost for business plan?

given we sign up for business plan, can you also explain how that can be accomplish?


A business plan is $200 a month -

As for the setup -


okay, thank you. i have read at the plans and the cname setup documentation.

just to be clear, by creating a cname in our current dns provider to resolve to a hostname in cloudflare (which eventually resolve to a an ip of our host), this will allow cdn caching at cloudflare too?


If the requests go via Cloudflare’s proxies they will be eligible for caching.

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