Only one of 4 sites has no internet connection. why?

Hi. I am a new comer. Yesterday My first time to set Cloudflare. I have one domain and 4 sites in the domain. I switched the name server to Cloudflare, Now I can see my 3 sites with no problem and the speed becomes high. It is very nice. But one sub-domain’s site have an error. I can’t access this site.
I don’t know why this happens. Only this subdomain has “www” before subdomain’s name. but others don’t have it. Is this related with the present problem ?
I am really appreciated with the reply. Thank you.

If you’re trying to use HTTPS, then you can’t use www in front of a subdomain.

Cloudflare’s Universal SSL certificates only cover and It won’t cover If you need a deeper subdomain with HTTPS, such as that www.subdomain, then you’ll need the Dedicated Certificate with Custom Hostnames for $10/month.

Thank you for,the reply. I understand. I will try to return the former name server for a moment and copy the contents of the site to another subdomain without www, and I will come back to Cloudflare.

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