Only on IDN Domains - the page "Page Rules" is blank

About 2 days ago, I configured a single redirect rule for my domain. But now, I suddenly cannot find “Single Redirects” at my admin page (it disappeared!). But the redirect rule is still available if I try to access my domain. It’s a bug?


The domain with the problem is:

After testing this on severl accounts - this is My conclusion.
Only for idn domains there is a bug on any of the “Rules” pages (Configuration, Transform, Origin, Page) the page is just blank.

See video on YouTube

I have the same, 2 domains from Sweden with the letter ö.
I think the problem is that in the URL is ö shown, it might be so that is should be xn–ktt instead of kött.
Basic the GUI are confused what the domain are are.

It need to be fixed.

i have same problem in domain thai language

domain in thai language cannot setup page rule
help please

I experience the same issue for my domains using the Cloudflare GUI. For me, it seems like this is isolated to IDN domains (domains that has a special character).

I was able to bypass this issue by using the Cloudflare API and query out the ruleset from there. Not the most convenient workaround, but still a solution for now until someone from the Cloudflare team patches this issue.

Someone from Cloudflare opened an internal bug ticket to get this resolved. No ETA at this time.

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Hey everyone,

Thank you for the reports! We have just rolled out a hotfix and the issue is now resolved :slight_smile:

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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