Only home Page not Working

I changed my name servers yesterday to Cloudflare’s free plan. Since then the homepage i.e. www,aquariumculture,com does not load and shows the following message -
This page isn’t working

aquariumculture,com redirected you too many times.

  • [Try clearing your cookies].


I have cleared cookies and restarted my PC too tried checking is after several hours and get the same error.

Other pages seem to work fine like aquariumculture,com/blog or aquariumculture,com/about It’s only the home page that does not work for some reason.

I’m a newbie and don’t really understand much technical stuff and do not know to code.
My domain is registered with 1&1 IONOS as well as the hosting.

Any help regarding what’s the issue?

Hello there,

I see its working fine for me. Here’s what I see:

A few tips:

Check from other browser
Check through different device
Clear the Browser cache file
Try in incognito mode
You can check using VPN if DNS cached
You can flush DNS

For more, here’s the community guide Tutorial

You can also search for answers using :search: in the forum

Hello, thanks for your reply.

I figured it out by watching some youtube videos. So basically my SLL/TLS setting was set on Flexible, which gives errors to many I think.

I set it to Full and also switched on the SSL/TLS Recommender as the youtube video said and the problem seems to be solved.

Thanks for the update. In view with the SSL, I strongly suggest you to use FULL (Strict) which is recommended by the experts. Read why so:

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