Only Home Page Is Not Loading

I had my website setup properly before, but had to remove it from Cloudflare to troubleshoot something on Wordpress. After an hour, I set it up again on Cloudflare and changed the DNS again to my assigned Cloudflare DNS.

My problem is that now, all the internal pages are loading properly aside from the home page. My website is and so you can check the inner pages, here’s a direct link to an internal page that works. You would notice that when you navigate to the home page, it does not load. Thanks for the help

You have a double redirect at your home page, from naked domain ( to www., and from www. back to naked domain, creating a loop. Remove one of those redirects.

Both redirects have the header X-Redirect-By: WordPress, so I guess you need to check your wp-config.php settings, which may be conflicting with a redirect set by plugin or the theme.

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