Only Firefox doesn't respect SSL as secure connection

Only Firefox doesn’t respect SSL as secure connection. I’m using Advanced Certificate Manager and Google Trust Center. All others Chrome, Edge, Opera are ok. Below link to screen when you can see address and details from Firefox. Does anyone know why only this web browser recognize this site as non-secure? Thanks in advance.

Most (if not all) browsers have for at least the past decade blocked content, such as e.g. images that is over insecure “http://” links, when the actual loading of content happens from a secured (“https://”) site.

Mixed content - Security on the web | MDN

The solution would be to also secure all transmissions (and any other content you load), by migrating them to “https://” too.

The image that your website loads, which is causing this to happen, is:

Adjust that link to “https://”, and the issue should vanish.

If you go to the “Media” tab on your image, and look closely in the “Address” field, you will see that “http://” address in one of the rows.

Two different implementations may not necessarily do the same thing in the exact same way.

Firefox has (allegedly) over the years done a lot for safety and privacy, that not all other browsers necessarily can say the same to.

In your website’s current state, the website is actually “not secure” because of the mixed content mentioned above.

I would say shame on all of them, for not letting you know that the website you’re visiting isn’t secured (properly).


Many thanks for quick explanation.
This image with http was the reason, already fixed.
Thank you!

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