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Dear All.

Let me describe my problem.

I work for Polywell Computers, Inc. having its main website at

This site has been created with nopCommerce CMS.

Currently the company is considering switching to WordPress due to nopCommerce limitations.

To move in this direction the second site for EMEA has been created at with WordPress.

This WordPress site has W3 Total Cache plugin installed. We are going to increase the performance of the WordPress site by using Cloudflare services – CDN in particular.

However it’s not clear how to set up your service since it requires the main domain ( and does not want to deal with subdomain. We do not currently have plans of increasing the performance of nopCommerce site – just do not want to touch it. This is why I’m concerned if adding the domain to your service would affect the nopCommerce website in any way.

It’s also not clear how to handle the subdomain in this scenario,

Please, advise the correct strategy and the sequence of actions on the case described.

Thank you/

If you only want to cover the eu host, you could sign up for a Business plan and use a CNAME setup.

Alternatively you can add the whole domain and only proxy the eu record. In that case you will have to manage the domain DNS-wise on Cloudflare, however.

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