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Hi All,

I’m new to the cloud flare thing and I have never set up a CDN service on any website. I have one website and I want to set up a CDN on it, Which Option should I select after adding my site to Cloudflare, My only reason to set up a CDN is to reduce my site load timing.

If you’ve successfully added your site to Cloudflare, there’s nothing else you need to do.

It’s not clear which options you’re looking at. Where are these options?


I just wanted to know what option should I select from here, Or I should leave it as is?

I see your domain isn’t yet using Cloudflare, but a few changes would help. Keep in mind that a :orange: hostname is only for HTTP/S (website) connections.

  1. Change the ‘mail’ CNAME to an “A” record. You’ll have to delete that CNAME record, then add it as an “A” record with the 108. IP address (same as your other DNS records). And make sure it’s :grey: DNS Only.
  2. Edit the MX record so the “Value” (third column) is
  3. If you use FTP, edit that one also so it’s :grey: instead of :orange: (Click the :orange: to change it to :grey:).

p.s. Make sure any mail software (on your phone or computer) are set to send/receive through (:grey:), not (:orange:).

Thank you for your brief reply, I’m a little confused on point no about MX records.

Your MX record points to the root hostname. But you have a “mail” hostname that you’re going to fix. Your MX record should point there.

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