Only able to access hosted application via Application Launcher

I have attempted to setup a a Cloudflare Tunnel protected by Cloudflare Access to remotely connect to a locally hosted web application (accessed via web browser). If I go to, I am able to login (via One-time PIN), and then I am able to use the Application Launcher to launch my application, which is hosted at subdomain.mydomain.tld, and everything works great. However, if I go to subdomain.mydomain.tld, I am presented with the Cloudflare Access login screen, but after entering the e-mail address, I never receive the One-time PIN.

Basically, Cloudflare Access is displaying the Cloudflare Access login screen but acts as if the e-mail address entered is not authorized to access the application. But if I first login to the Cloudflare Access Application Launcher (using the same e-mail address), I am able to access my application.

What would be causing this behavior?

If I go to Access → Applications → My Application Name → Configure → Test your policies, when I enter the e-mail address, I see “Access granted”.

Thanks for any help!