Only a few files gives 522 Errors, from only some locations

Last night, I moved my site from one host to another and updated the DNS settings in my Cloudflare account.
Now, if I use and do some testing, all seems to function OK, except from the locations Paris & New York. When testing the following page:

I get some .PNG’s that give a 522 Error, and also one .zip file that doesn’t want to load. I’ve tried purging these files from my ClouudFlare dash, but this didn’t help. Anyone any idea what could be wrong here?

Here is one of the results through New York:

And this is how another location looks, which seem to be fine:
Los Angeles:

The error is 522, not 552.

Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out should get you started.

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Hi Sandro,

Thank you for your input. I’ve editted the error numbers in my message & topic title.
In the meantime I have taken a look at the link you have supplied, but the weird thing that it are exactly the same files that keep going wrong.
Even weirder is that the problem through Paris seems to have disappeared:

Paris this afternoon:
Paris this evening:

The problems from NY are still there. Maybe I’ll just have to be patient for a bit.

Wild guess, but how about purging the Cloudflare cache? Or put it into Development Mode?

Hi sdayman,
Thanks for your input :slight_smile: Purging has already been done. Both the full cache, but also just the affected files. This didn’t help though. Testing from NY still gives me:

If the problem hasn’t passed by tomorrow, I will indeed have a test with the Development mode and take another look at the logs from my webserver. It’s just so weird that from other locations it works fine. I’ve also tested with and there it’s also only New York giving problems. All other 24 locations work fine.

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The number of 522 errors seem to be decreasing: Only 2 files left:

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It gets weirder.
If I use the following site to test:
and only select New York, only the following image is getting a 522:
By just entering this image for testing on dotcom tools, the first visit gives a 522 error, but the 2nd visit seems to be succesfull. So you’d expect the image to be in the cloud after this. But… it’s not. returns a 522 for the Canadian checkpoint only as well.

Typically I would have assumed you might be blocking certain Cloudflare data centres, but then should show the same and it does not, unless of course you have some path-specific blocks in place.

Considering you seem to have one example where you can reproduce the issue I would simply tweak the server configuration until you can rule out an issue with it or could pinpoint what might have blocked it. Depending on that I’d then contact Cloudflare’s support and clarify with them why certain only data centres do not seem to be able to connect.

Well, I’m using a shared server hosting, which also provides clouflare as one of their services. It’s also integrated in their dasboard, so it would be quite weird if they would block Cloudflare’s servers. Almost no rules have been set, only some information regarding compression, http -> https rewrites & and that kind of stuff. Nothings actively blocked.
Also the fact that through the dot-com test, with the 2nd visit the image does get displayed means it has been fetched & passes by the Cloudflare server and passed to the browser. But for some reason, the Cloudflare server doesn’t move the file to it’s cache.
I’ll try to contact Cloudflare support and point them to this thread, where they can find all relevant information.

Send them some of the cf-ray ID headers from those 522 responses. Maybe they can take a closer look at the connection.

Hi sdayman & sandro,
I want to thank you both for your help & input in this matter. I have contacted both Cloudflare support & my hosting company ( and for the moment it looks like it can’t be resolved on a short notice. For the moment I have reverted my DNS settings back to their original state and disabled the Cloudflare service, at least for the time being.

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OK, I’ve just received the following response from my hosting provider: (Cloudflare NY server) was blocked because of an xmlrpc attack on a Wordpress site.

They also informed me that they will not whitelist the Cloudflare servers because of this.

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