Only 2 nameservers - but I have 3


OK thanks to the awesome support from you guys I now have my first site (test site) up and running

very easy
completely no pain
great support
very impressed

Now I am ready to take the plunge with my first live real site - but I have a couple of questions:-

1 - Currently I have 3 nameservers but Cloudflare will only allow me to enter 2 - are there any problems due to this

2 - Do I just set my email up as normal or are there any special things I should know, anything special for Cloudflare

Thanks in advance



What do you mean by email setup? Cloudflare only handles the MX records.


Basically I mean set up my email client. I guess from your message there are no special considerations - the email setup for my client (Outlook) will be the same as if I was not using Cloudflare


Yes, Cloudflare doesnt do anything email related (except for anything webmail related, but thats again rather web than mail).


So will my webmail also work the same as before I joined Cloudflare?


It should. Being “web” you can either keep it behind Cloudflare or access it directly, but thats the only part where Cloudflare can be involved.


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