Only 2% delivering from cache (Wordpress on bluehost delivered by CF)

Dear Community, i have tried myself to find solution for days but in the end i am giving up.
The problem is that its delivering 98% of our WP website from original source, which is bluehost hosting (please see attached screenshots).

Here are my cache settings.
Caching level: Standard
Browser Cache expiration: “respected original headers” it was 4 hours before, we changed it but no improvement.

Here are headers of image( on our website( .

Whenever i check it says cache HIT which sounds correct but then where it is the problem?

-------------- HEADERS -------------------
HTTP/1.1 200 OK =>
Date => Wed, 04 Sep 2019 05:31:06 GMT
Content-Type => image/png
Content-Length => 22867
Connection => close
Set-Cookie => __cfduid=d45a20de72af5f03d155950ac089e51b11567575066; expires=Thu, 03-Sep-20 05:31:06 GMT; path=/;; HttpOnly
Access-Control-Allow-Origin => *
Access-Control-Allow-Methods => POST, GET, OPTIONS, DELETE, PUT
Access-Control-Allow-Headers => Content-Type, origin, authorization, accept
Last-Modified => Tue, 03 Sep 2019 14:18:30 GMT
Cache-Control => public, max-age=31536000
Expires => Thu, 03 Sep 2020 05:31:06 GMT
Strict-Transport-Security => max-age=300
CF-Cache-Status => HIT
Age => 3047
Accept-Ranges => bytes
Expect-CT => max-age=604800, report-uri=“
Server => Cloudflare
CF-RAY => 510d93445b4ec1cf-IAD

Your server seems to send a Cache-Control header with private for your “www” requests. That is likely to prevent Cloudflare from caching.

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Wow that was quick, i have a great first impression of CF community. Thank you.
Let me try this and update you.
Best regards,


Dear Sandro,

i checked headers for page and it is coming as private so does for few other websites(not mine) returning private on their homepages.
All our images are on and they are returning public and CF does not cache html by default so it should work, if i test individual image after every few hours it always being served from cache (status is HIT) but somewhere there is missing link.

another thing i noticed that my homepages are return HTTP status 301, could this be a problem too?
(updated) that 301 is just for requests without www. so please ignore this

Well, the static resources seem to be cached properly.

Hi Sandro,
Thanks for confirming this. Why then it doesnt show this in analytics, my 70-80% traffic out of 50 GB are images but its not showing that in analytics.


You must have some other resources which are not cached. For starters I’d analyse which of your requests are cached and which arent and then check the latter.

sure , let me check network logs and get back.
Thanks for the support so far. :slight_smile:

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