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Will work with online Gaming sites like battlenet. I was told by Blizzard support NOT to use my VPN because their servers wouldn’t recognize my IP as a genuine address and will lock my account thinking that it was an attempted DDOS attack


Cloudflare won’t change your origin IP address the way a VPN server would. We provide privacy by not logging your IP and sending minimal data to the next hop. So I don’t think you have a concern there.


Changing DNS servers is not directly related to VPN services, and Blizzard will see your “real” IP address.


Ok I’m confused. (Sorry total noob on this topic) So how then is a VPN different from Cloudfare? Doesn’t Cloudfare change my IP address to Or is that an address it connects to after my own IP and before it actually connects to other sites?? So if it’s connecting after my IP to another one BEFORE it hits the end site, doesn’t the end site (like Blizzard) see my IP as

#5 is just a phonebook. A very fast one. But after you look up that phone number and call that gaming site, your phone number still shows up in Caller ID, and your phone company will know which phone number you dialed.

The “privacy” of is that Cloudlfare isn’t going to tell everybody what phone number you just looked up.

A VPN is a secure phone line that leads to a switchboard that hides your real phone number from everybody, and your phone company won’t know what you’re doing, other than calling that other switchboard.

Cloudflare isn’t a VPN for callers. It’s more like a VPN for a website so their end of the connection is protected.

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