.online domains

hello, i have a question. Can I transfer a .online domain to cloudflare? If so, how much does the annual domain renewal cost? thanks for your reply!

https://www.cloudflare.com/tld-policies lists it. The current price appears to be USD 25.18.

Hi Sandro! Thanks for answering. well, enter the link you sent me and I could see the TLDs. However, I still have the doubt of the price for renewal since I do not see it anywhere. Will the final renewal price be USD 25.18 per year? Thanks for the support, if you can confirm the price I would appreciate it very much.

Cloudflare does not have different prices for registration and renewal (only domain redemption will be pricier). Their current price appears to be 25.18, whether that price will change in a year is something nobody can tell (possibly not even the registry).