Ongoing SSL error - why?

I have my site with GoDaddy and pointing through to Cloudflare.

Http is working fine for and however https: is no longer working - it was working fine last week but now I’m getting "Error code: SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP " in Firefox and similar errors in other browsers.

The Cloudflare SSL is showing as Active - I did deactivate it (cert show as deleted) and reactivate(cert shows as active) to see if it would sort the issue but it’s made no difference.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Your server is not configured for HTTPS. You need to contact your host and get a certificate configured. Be aware, they often try to push their paid certificates.


Previously it has worked fine , it is odd that it has just stopped working. I have another site setup in the same manner, with the same host, and that is working fine with Cloudflare ssl.

Maybe your server certificate vanished for some reason. Its something I am afraid you have to clarify with your host, just be careful if they want to sell you a certificate, as certificates are typically free these days.

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