One Zone multiple Tunnels IDs

Hello SMEs,

Simple questions : Can one zone let’s say has multiple tunnels IDs ?

What I mean by that … I got cert.pem, uuid.json for zone and will use these creds for the tunnel my-sap-tunnel hosting a finance app as

Now I want HR app to be hosted as well as So I re-run and got new-cert.pem, new-uuid.json for the same zone and will use these creds for the tunnel my-hr-tunnel hosting a HR app as

I noticed that after the “HR” creds created, “SAP” creds stopped functioning. Is this expected ?

I think I have angered the Argo Tunnel gods :slight_smile:

I have 3 tunnels running in same zone, no issues.

What do you mean by stop functioning? Not responding at all? What’s the error?

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@nanankcornering thanks for your reply.

You were correct … I was using the wrong “uuic.json” file, in fact it was created for another zone.

So it is confirm that, as you said, multiple tunnels can co-exist for a single zone.

Now, I have a new questions, if I have received or found “cert.pem” and “uuid.json” files, is there a way to find out which “zone” the these files are created for ?

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