One website is ok but other one has all the issues

I have added my two sites on Cloudflare. While one is OK from everything even mail sending and receiving… then why the other one has all the issues. I can send emails from cPanel email but cannot receive any mails. And my OK site has only 8 records (3A, 2CNAME, 1MX and 2TXT) but the site with email issue has too many records total 13 [9A, 1 CNAME (which i created), 1MX, 2TXT] and here I deleted few more like A record cPanel, SRV record etc. Please do not tell me now “we can see this, we can see that” or “you should do that” etc. Just give me solution. A full/ perfect solution. Exactly what I need to do, show/give me a description. And if your last answer is “you should ask your hosting provider” then what should I ask, specify that also.

Oh, Thank you in advance… Now my emails are working! I can send and receive emails. I know now what was the issue and after changing that- everything is OK! Thanks again.

Please unproxy :grey: all your mail subdomains. like:
and even the one for the working Page and never proxy Mail DNS entries


Ah I see problem solved.

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