One VPS hosting mutliple domains served through Cloudflare?

Hello! So I’m using Cloudflare for the first time…

I would like to use a VPS to serve multiple domains through Cloudflare, but I can’t seem to serve anything other than a page I have configured to be served when the IP address is requested.

What do I need to change or add in my Cloudflare configuration to tell it where to get a domain from so that I can have multiple domains on the same IP address? Or is there something server side I should be doing?

So far I’ve tried A record to the VPS IP address, which serves the IP address page, and a CNAME record to a subdomain of a different domain hosted on the VPS, and that also has Cloudflare serving the IP address page.

I have a VPS with quite a few domains on it. They worked with a standard Cloudflare configuration.

Before you add a domain to Cloudflare, make sure it works with HTTPS first. If you’ve already added the domain to Cloudflare, use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the Overview page, then fix your server before you Un-Pause Cloudflare.

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On re-reading my question, I think I should have started a little simpler:

I can’t get anything other than a page I serve when the VPS IP address is requested, no matter what I put in my A record or CNAME.

What I didn’t do was configure the domain to be served from the server. I thought what I was doing was just pointing Cloudflare to any old site being served and it would call it the domain that was being served, lol.

Okay got it I’m good.

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