One-Time Pin Email not working for all users

We have setup cloudflare acces using one-time pin for a customer to access our application. Any customer with a given (valid) email account can get access, we have set this up in the policy section using the “Email ends with” option.

For some customers they receive the email no problem, another customer is failing to get the authentication token emails.

@MoreHelp Could you help me ? Still my some team member cant get otp code from cloudflare.

Have you checked whether the mail server is filtering inbound emails from Cloudflare? This happened to some of our customers as well.

Hi @erictung,

Yes we are already checked our mail server. Havent any filtered mail. Seems when they are trying get otp code via One-Time pin panel, cloudflare side not sending anything because of i cant see any otp request from customer on cloudflare access logs.

I am experiencing the same thing - only emails of registered Cloudflare users seem to receive OTP emails? All other emails on my allow policy never receive an email.

@MoreHelp can someone help us for fix this issue? We are getting trouble for access our applications.