One-Time Pin Email not working for all users

We have setup cloudflare acces using one-time pin for a customer to access our application. Any customer with a given (valid) email account can get access, we have set this up in the policy section using the “Email ends with” option.

For some customers they receive the email no problem, another customer is failing to get the authentication token emails.

@MoreHelp Could you help me ? Still my some team member cant get otp code from cloudflare.

Have you checked whether the mail server is filtering inbound emails from Cloudflare? This happened to some of our customers as well.

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Hi @erictung,

Yes we are already checked our mail server. Havent any filtered mail. Seems when they are trying get otp code via One-Time pin panel, cloudflare side not sending anything because of i cant see any otp request from customer on cloudflare access logs.

I am experiencing the same thing - only emails of registered Cloudflare users seem to receive OTP emails? All other emails on my allow policy never receive an email.

@MoreHelp can someone help us for fix this issue? We are getting trouble for access our applications.


@MoreHelp Anyone cant help us for solve this issue?

Are the users trying to login after the link expires? The links expire after a certain period of time (for security reasons) so if they are waiting too long it might be why!

Users cant receive any email from cloudflare for one time pin code its not about expires or something like that.

If you’ve opened a ticket, please post the number here. You can open a ticket via email from the account owner’s email address: support AT cloudflare DOT com


Hi @sdayman

Here my ticket Id 2297450


I’ve added the ticket to the escalation queue.

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Last week there was an incident related to this that is resolved: Cloudflare Status - Email Delivery Delays

If you are still facing issues, can you let us know the email addresses of the users that are facing the trouble? If you have an existing ticket add the address there if not please open one and include the affected emails so the team can troubleshoot. Do not share emails here but it is ok to share ticket number if you have one.


Something else to note; If you had an old account with access and removed the user, that might be the root of the problem.

We had one employee leave our team temporarily; this caused his access from being revoked. CF Access wouldn’t allow their access again even if they enrolled back to the team when they came back.
This happened months ago, so it might have been fixed by now, I just wanted to point it out in case you were in a similar scenario.



We are still facing same issue. Our some employees can’t receive any email by cloudflare. We are checked our firewalls haven’t any blocked rule there also already to many employees can receive mail without any issue.

I will share some mail which one can’t receive any email from cloudflare for one time code.


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Thank you @sercan.kaya please lmk the ticket number here and I’ll follow up with my colleagues.


It’s probably this one:


Hi @sercan.kaya I am currently looking into the ticket opened with support. I will be responding via that ticket for now. Appreciate your patience.

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Hi @tobi

Any update? We need your help its urgent because our employees cant work without access token.

Hi @sercan.kaya !

  • Could you be able to advise users to allow-list from their email client the emails:
  • Could you be able to advise users to search into their spam directories if the emails reached the spam?

Just to let you know that we are not able to reproduce the issue while trying with different test accounts, and we need to search with more specific users.
I am able to get my OTP for a test apps.

Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 16.59.04

Please send me a list with all the uses that cannot get emails in the ticket created so I can dig into the logs for OTP.

I would also suggest checking your/or your user’s email client, and verify in the client logs that any of the email from Cloudflare suppressed on your email server.

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