One Time Code not coming. Problem

Hi, using zero trust for logging into my site. When it asks for email and I put the email. Then it asks for the code but my email is not receiving the code. It was working good since the last 3 days. But the delay in receiving the emails started yesterday evening. Now today morning, I resent 3 times but still it didn’t send me the one time code. Upon 4th try it sent but after like 30 seconds.

Why is this suddenly happening? and can we assign mobile numbers to receive OTP instead of emails?

Anyone please help?

same problem here

If your organization uses a third-party email scanning service (for example, Mimecast or Barracuda), add [email protected] to the email scanning allowlist.

I attempted to check if there are any errors generated when sending emails to you, but it looks like the email on the account you are using to post here is not the same email address.
If you are still experiencing the issue after adding [email protected] , can you please open a ticket listing the effected email and link the ticket number here so I can check on the delivery status of those emails.

can we assign mobile numbers to receive OTP instead of emails?

Cloudflare’s OTP is email based. One-time PIN login · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs
Otherwise you can integrate your organization’s identity providers (IdPs) with Cloudflare Access SSO integration · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

Thanks for the reply.

First, my gmail is not blocking your [email protected]. Because if it was blocking, I would not have gotten the codes for the first couple of days, right?

Second, I am using gmail to get the codes. The same account that signed up with cloudflare. Does it want to me to use another email? Do you not allow to use the cloudflare account’s email address to receive codes?

You should really take a deep look on this matter because not only me but many are facing this problem. There are other similar posts here in the community with the same issue. It suddenly stops sending and delays sending codes.

I am taking a look at other authentication methods. But, why do you guys have to not started mobile SMS OTP authentication or can we use something like Google Authenticator?

Thanks for looking into this.

Hi, I got same issue here, I am using microsoft exchange online, already add allowed sender on spam policy.

Hi @jackmanwh I show those emails as delivered. If you keep getting the error, can you create an Account ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open an Account ticket here,

Ticket ID #3097943

Thank you