One specific Bot IP cannot get blocked - No idea why

Hi, I am tryting to get rid of a spam bot with the IP, but all tries to block it were not succesful. I tried it with custom rules by blocking the IP or blocking the ASN “AS45102” or even blocking the request method “HEAD” there. Nothing. However, it does work with other Bots or even my own IP address for testing. Also tried with the WAF tools for IP access blocking with either IP or IP CIDR ( or also ASN there. That did also not work. It still works for other IPs or even the same ASN from other hosts.

Here is a screenshot of the event:

Any help is appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:


As an additional answer: All subdomains are proxied.


the same. very interesting.

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Same issue, same IP


Same issue for the last 7 days. The ddos or scraping attack started small but is increasing (>50k access yesterday). Am I wrong to think that is actually a Cloudflare address and that is why Cloudflare doesn’t block it? as in, bots actually have a different ip address that Cloudflare turns into ?

Sorry I don’t know too much about this so I don’t know if this makes sense.

Method is also always head, then it points to pages made up of multiple url paths pasted one after another like in your case. That causes a 301 answer from my server which is why I guess it might be a ddos attempt.

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