One simple www CNAME entry gives an error

Hello dear community

I have 2 CNAMES foobar and www that points for test purpose to


entry does what it is supposed to do (renders the yahoo page)



Does render an error page with no explanation whatsoever.

Any ideas on what’s going on?

Thanks for your time

This domain is currently (or has been in the past) enrolled with Shopify and their settings are overriding yours.

Thanks for your prompt reply :slight_smile:

It’s not a surprise as I am aware my customer used shopify in the past for some domains

How did you manage to see this?
Do you know any ways to make it work? Do I need to contact Shopify support?

I just recognise that error page by now :woozy_face:

Yep - Shopify can remove it from their SSL for SaaS setup which will then stop ‘overriding’ your settings/records.

It’s not the most ideal experience but more improvements like telling you in the dashboard this is the case and giving you a button to revoke their claim yourself are on the way.

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Thank you so much for your time

I really appreciate it


I’ll just post the Shopify error page here
if anyone stumbles on this topic with the same issue they can see what it looks like

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