One Secure and One Un-secure Certificate


I registered two of my websites on CloudFlare as free website.

I followed all the instructions as described.

In one website (the 1st one) Google Chrome browser says: Your connection to this site is not fully secure. Attackers might be able to see the images you’re looking at on this site and trick you by modifying them.

After two days, the error says the same.

The next website (the 2nd one), Google Chrome browser says: Connection is Secure (Green color). Your information (for example, passwords or credit card numbers) is privatee when it is sent to this site.

The above happened instantly (within couple of hours of activation on

Both websites are on using CPanel.

What did I do incorrect or wrong that one website says it’s not secure and the other says secure? Please help / guide me to understand and correct this issue.

Thank you so much in advance. I appreciate your kind attention and guidance.

Till I hear from you, have a great day!


What are the URLs?


Hello Sandro, thank you for your prompt response. I appreciate it.

Here are the URL’s

  1. Secure:
  2. Unsecure:

Please oblige with your kind response.
Thank you.


The problem appears to be mixed content, as you embed resources from which are on HTTP.


Hi Sandro,
Thank you so much for your input, I appreciate it.

I am trying to understand your remark, please help me to understand it more. I appreciate.

In the Secured website, URL is

In the UnSecured website, URL is

Both URLs are HTTPS and not HTTP

What is the remedy or resolve this issue? Please elaborate it, I appreciate your kind attention.

Thank you for your input.
Kind regards


Check your site’s code, there are quite a few references to http://


Hi Sandro,
Thank You so much, I shall do that right away.
Till we meet again, have a great day!
Warm regards,


Hi Sandro,
Thank you so much for your expertise, I changed the code on, instantly the “un-secure” website was marked “secure” on around 10 browsers including Chrome.
I am your fan now!
Thank you so much!
Best wishes from Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies

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