One post from website shows up in google as unauthorized

When using site: function in google one of our blog articles shows this information:
“Unauthorized Access
You need to contact the server owner or hosting provider for further information. Your blocked IP address is: The hostname of this server is:”

IP provided in message is directed to cloudflare
Here is address of mentioned article:
No other addresses in this domain have this problem, only this one

What can be cause? How can I fix it?

Does that access show up in Cloudflare’s Firewall Events Log? If so, it should include the reason it was blocked.

There is only one entry in Firewall Log, but I’m not sure what that’s mean and if it’s connected to problem

That sure doesn’t look like it.

Where are you seeing that error message? The IP address is an internal one Cloudflare uses to connect to websites. That makes it look like the server blocked Cloudflare from accessing that URL.

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In Google search results, when I use site: function, screen below

This is the full page that Google’s crawler got:

This error page seems to be coming from some kind of firewall on your server/hosting’s side, not something of Cloudflare.


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