One of the cloudflare IPs gave 504 response the others are working fine

In Cloudflare, the IP addresses assigned to a domain are determined by Cloudflare’s system and cannot be manually changed by users. The assigned IPs can change many times without it affecting the operation of your site as long as your domain is correctly set up.

Regarding the 504 error, it’s typical of server-side issues where a server is unable to provide a response in a timely manner. It could relate to network connectivity, web server configuration, or capacity issues within your hosting or database server.

You should reach out to your hosting provider to investigate the issue further.

To debug similar issues in future:

  1. Use online services like “Down for everyone or just me” to check if the website is accessible globally or change your network (switch to a different Wi-Fi, LAN, or Mobile Data) and try accessing it again.
  2. Perform a trace route test to check for any network hops causing high latency or packet loss.
  3. Perform a MTR or Ping test to verify the connection between your device and the website’s server.
  4. Check your DNS settings to ensure they’re pointed correctly.

Remember to always ensure your system resources (CPU, RAM, Disk Space, etc.) are available and that your server is accepting connections. You may need to consult with your hosting provider for more server-side checks.