One of my subdomain is redirecting to other subdomain


My one subdomain is redirecting to other subdomain. My host said that there is no problem with the cloudflare dns configuration and htaccess file. My host said that there might be any forwarding rule in Cloudflare. I am not able to find any forwarding rule in Cloudflare. Please help.
Please let me know what info i need to share here.


What’s the complete hostname of that subdomain?


Please suggest what could be the issue. It would be a great help.

Hi there,
I think what @sdayman meant is not the name of your hosting provider, but rather the subdomain that is not working, such as or what it’s redirecting to.

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Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. Actually i just checked my subdomain before finally replying you and its working. I dont know whats going on. yesterday it was not working and cloudways support team suggested me to reach out to cloudflare and today its working. Did you do something before replying me? The website is working fine now so Thank you guys for your time and support.

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I highly doubt it since you didn’t let us know which hostname wasn’t working.

Hi @sdayman, Sorry for that. My subdomain was redirecting to I initially contacted cloudways support team two times and i even run wp search-replace query to replace the domain name but there was 0 replacement. After that a support team person asked me to first reach out to Cloudflare to check if there is any redirection rule.

. I am sharing a screenshot of my last crawl through Ahrefs. Please check. Now the problem has been resolved automatically. I really don’t know whats going on.

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