One of my sites have error 521 in Holland and Germany

Hi anyone, i’m newbiee in this community, even i use Cloudflare from many years.
Something strange is happening to one of my sites.
I began have an error 521, and i made all checks, and in fact Cloudflare and origin server communicate perfectly, and that was not the problem.
I thought to anything possible, including SSL certificate, until morning later, a friend webmaster stay in another nation, told me was all fine, he could see the site, log in and all.
But i still had that error 521.
The weird thing, is that all the other sites, on the same server, and having same Cloudflare DNS, working fine also here (Holland).
But not that one, and so i decided to use internet sites to check from different position what was the result, and in fact all the world see the site, except Holland and Germany.
The same webmaster given up, and told me to contact Cloudflare, but no tickets to open with them, have to phone call ?
Someone have some idea or just no have other solution then get back my DNS and goodbye (for the moment) to Cloudflare ?
That would be very bad, because given me more security and fastness but if price is to can’t access my same site…

Your host might be blocking requests from these datacentres.

Without the domain it is impossible to say more.

i didn’t knew if i could wrote domain, it is
I’ve try anything possible for my knowledge, but seem neither webmaster come out from this, even he gave access to administration of the site.

Well, I seem to be able to confirm intermittent issues. On it fails on the Italian checkpoint.

You could open a support ticket and have Cloudflare check if there is possibly an issue with these PoPs but personally I’d rather doubt that and would assume it rather is likely your host is blocking requests from these datacentres for some reason. Only your host can clarify this though.

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