One of my domains resolve to a completely different POP

Hello, I have 2 domains hosted with Cloudflare - and Both have proxy enabled.

When I resolve the .app domain from my location (Brazil), I get properly routed to the nearest POP

# host has address has address has IPv6 address 2606:4700:3030::6815:376b has IPv6 address 2606:4700:3035::ac43:ab19

But the .me domain resolves to US IPs

# host has address has address has IPv6 address 2606:4700:7::a29f:8955 has IPv6 address 2606:4700:7::a29f:8a55

Is there a reason for that?

Geographic routing isn’t done with DNS. For me, both domains take me to the nearest USA location.

You can see what colo you’re hitting like this:


That’s what I don’t understand, I’d expect both domains to resolve to Brazil here (I’m testing both from the same link and they’re hosted in the same server). /cdn-cgi/trace returns colo=GRU for .me and colo=MIA for .app, but still .me is getting resolved to and (US)

Cloudflare IPs are anycast, the ‘location’ of the IPs are completely arbitrary and goes back to where they are registered.

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