One of my dns ips is blocked in my country

hello everyone
i have new website , I have not activated hosting for the site yet, but if I try to enter the site without writing www, the error " The connection has timed out
An error occurred during a connection to " appears

But if I type www before the name of the site, it opens normally and shows me an error code 520 message for Cloudflare because I did not connect the hosting
After conducting the checks, it appeared to me that while trying to connect via IP, the connection is normal, but when trying to connect via IP, a connection error appears
The reason is that internet companies in my country have blocked this IP " "
Is there any solution ?

Egypt by any chance? There are currently known issues with providers blocking certain Cloudflare addresses. If so, you would need to contact your provider I am afraid.

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The meaning of your words is that there is no technical solution through which all connections can be transferred to IP, as it works efficiently.

I am afraid not, you could try to add your domain to another Cloudflare account but there won’t be a guarantee for a fix. It’s best to contact the provider.

2022-12-01 at 11.07.15
why i see two different ips in ping ? none of them is related to my dns servers

These are the exact proxy addresses we were talking about.

You can unproxy, but of course you wouldn’t be using the proxies any more.

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