One of Cloudflare's own IPs ran into a rate limiting rule

How can it be that Cloudflare itself is affected by a rate limiting rule?
Is it a misconfiguration at Cloudflare?

Looks like it’s the AMP feature. I’d suggest to open a suppport ticket and let the guys know about it.

Maybe @cloonan can share some information as well.

@MarkMeyer how did you figure out it is an AMP issue?

The User Agent.

Just a guess, but since it’s a CF IP and they are working on AMP Real URL, it seemed to be the most logical.

Feel free to slap me :rofl:

Ah, I didn’t see the AMPHMTL at the end there.

Did I miss something? :confused:

I thought you don’t like guesswork!? :rofl:

Ohhhhhhh :smile:

Well, if it is within reasonable boundaries. Your guesswork here is of a very likely chance, given the information we have. My complaint towards guesswork is when “the server doesnt work” and people are expected to get to the error message by trial and error :wink:

So, no, no slaps today I am afraid.

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