One more step on all sites

Good day! Yesterday morning, having sat down to work, I launched the browser, and at once I opened about 10 tabs of the site Trade - Path of Exile. I was asked to go through the captcha, I closed all the tabs, and in the evening when I went back to the site, I had to go through the captcha again. Passed through. In the game I use “awakened poe trade”, which also asks for a captcha with every request. On the site, with each request, you have to go through a captcha, which causes a lot of discomfort when playing. Now captcha input haunts me on all sites with cloudflare captcha every 2-3 minutes. What can be done?

That would certainly draw unwanted attention to your IP address, as that’s typically considered abusive behavior, like a DoS attack.

You’ll probably have to wait it out.

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