"One more step" error (not my website)

“One more step” error (not my website)
Website: y2mate.com
I wanted to proceed to the website but I get a captcha.
I can’t provide a screenshot

Greetings, kindly may I suggest looking into the topic below to provide more information?:

May I ask is this related to an event where you got the Captcha screen while visiting some Website which is using Cloudflare?

Well, unfortunately if this is happening to you, then it means the owner of the Website you are trying to access have it’s security level set to High, or is using a Firewall Rule which could be set to challenge all the visitors or the visitors from specific country.

Other way would it be as if you are using a VPN connection or a Tor browser, so you could get challenged that way.
Or if your IP address looks suspicious somehow, like SPAM, etc.

Yes, it is.

Sorry, I’m not able to replicate this.

Update: I checked my ip (prefer to keep private) and there was nothing.

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